Donnerstag, 20. September 2007


I was thinking to do this a year ago already… But somehow I never took the time to do it. For tonight I was planning to surf the internet. But after swimming laps in the gym this came to my mind. Something inspired me… So I am sitting here and write my first blog.

I am not quit sure what I am doing so far, but here is the idea:

This blog is not for you. Sorry! I hope you enjoy reading it, I appreciate you reading it and I am glad if you like it… But I wrote - or much more I am going to - write it for myself. So sometimes you might not know what this is about. It might even sound strange or doesn’t make any sense at all… Then, keep in mind that this is addressed to somebody else… to me.

This blog is about the most important things in life; the things you see every day, the things that happen to you while you do what is called living… But much more it is about noticing those things and about appreciating them. It is about “walking the earth” (now that is inspiration again!) with open eyes. It is about these moments, when you sit in the car and this wonderful thought is crossing your mind; you don’t even need to turn the radio up, but you sing along with it – as loud as you can. You might know how bad you sound but you don’t care because you feel so alive, so happy… You could hug the world… The most important thing in live! And you can’t buy it. For no money in the world! …most likely you get it for free. You just have to notice it. You have to be awake enough to see it… It might be a smile or just even a view, a raindrop, the breeze of the ocean when you step out of the office or the soft energy that pushes you when you riding your first wave in the middle of a California sunset (…on a board that a friend gave to you, without asking for anything in return)! Sounds easy… I guess it sometimes isn’t!

See the boy on the picture? The little one with the board shorts almost longer then his legs and spreading his arms? He is living on Hawaii’s Big Island. He was one of those kids who come to the beach when most of the tourists are gone. When I was there – looking at the sinking sun – this boy had a moment like I just mentioned. At least this is what I am thinking when I look at the picture and remember seeing him play there. And watching him play made me feel the same way. I felt pure bliss.

And that is what this blog is for. To remember some of those perfect moments in life, where you don’t want to be anywhere else then where you are in that moment, don’t want to be with anybody else then the ones you are with... (To be honest; today… you would not have wanted to be in my car while I was driving back from work!)

There are so many of those moments. My last couple of weeks have been full of them. And I know I appreciate them a lot.
This blog is to appreciate those moments even a little bit more!